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I have currently 13 US patents and 13 Japanese patents already registered.  Further more, 12 patents application in Japan were opened to the public and still pending.  Another patent application in Japan was applied but was not opened to the public and especially treated as a Know-How patent.  This is the special patent law available only in Japan.  Such Know-How patent is not publicly exhibited but can be used as a prioritized revealed document.

All these patents were derived from actual product design work related to desk-top calculator, video game, CRT graphics, and flat panel graphics.  They all have been actually applied to a couple of LSI products in which I was involved intensively.  They are not simple idea on the desk that has not been applied on actual products.  Because such LSI products were physically exported all over the world, we had to apply US patents in addition to regular Japanese patents although getting a patent registration from Japanese patent agency is much more difficult than the case of US.

All Japanese patents were applied in Japan and registered.  Other IPC patent applications for Europe were omitted here.

Engineers have to be creative all the time and go for a dream.

Top sheets of each 13 US patents.
Top sheets of each 13 Japanese patents.
Top sheets of each 12 Japanese patent pendings.

Concerning US patents applied at Chips & Technologies Inc., go to here. I am ranked a #4 inventor.

All pages of each patent can be downloaded by clicking the number at column of Pages.

Click below to observe the top sheet one by one or all the pages.

Country Title Pages Patent #


Full Adder/Subtractor Circuit Employing Exclusive OR Logic 7


Image Pattern Control System 12 4,356,482
Picture Image Producing Apparatus 14 4,459,676
Display Controlling Apparatus 13 4,491,834
Information Processing Apparatus 12 4,545,014
Information Processor Having Information Correcting Function 13 4,570,222
Information Processing Apparatus Having a Mask Function 10 4,870,563
Multiplication Circuit Capable of Operating at a High Speed with a Small Amount of Hardware 7 4,878,191
Graphics Display Controller Equipped with Boundary Searching Circuit 16 4,943,801
Method and Circuitry for Dual Panel Displays 10 5,018,076
Gray Scales Method and Circuitry for Flat Panel Graphics Display 10 5,196,839
Fakeout Method and Circuitry for Displays 9 5,222,212
Compensation Method and Circuitry for Flat Panel Display 16 5,285,192


Full Adder/Subtractor Circuitry 4 01208814
Address Control Apparatus 6 01262866
Information transfer Apparatus 12 01343975
Data Processing Apparatus 4 01360480
Video Generation Apparatus 12 01387159
Image Control Method 7 01402969
Drawing Address Operation Method 8 01544001
Information Processing Apparatus 6 01613908
Image Address Control Apparatus 8 01640374
Image Control Apparatus 11 01668392
Display Apparatus 5 01683616
Image processing Apparatus 11 02062470
Multiplication Circuitry 4 02067213
<Other Patent Pendings>    
Shift Register Circuitry 6 S52144931
Image Address Control Apparatus 7 S57056885
Bit Shift Circuitry 5 S60140423
Digital Storage Apparatus 5 S61041183
Memory Circuitry 3 S61287098
Memory Access Control Apparatus 4 S61289442
Circle Drawing Method 9 S62123576
Synchronous Signal Generation Circuitry 5 S62161190
Information Processing Apparatus 4 S62237522
Display Address Control Apparatus 4 S63038983
Key Input Apparatus 4 S64038818
Circle Drawing Method 9 H04363772

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