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Nikkei Electronics magazine is a most popular electronics magazine for VLSI device and design engineers in Japan and is published biweekly.
I authored two technical theses on the magazine.

20 page thesis of µPD7220 GDC (Japanese)Updated on

28 page thesis of µPD72120 AGDCUpdated on
  2/23/1987  (English)Updated on

 cf. Abstract History of µPD7220 GDC Development, Assembly source code for driving AGDC
Entrance for LSI DeviceUpdated on
, Electronics Technology Intensive Basic Course published by Japan Industrial Technology Center.  This textbook has been used for a three day technical seminar.

Chapter I Foundation of LSI Device.
Chapter II Memory LSI Device
Chapter III Microprocessor & Micro-controller Technology  (page 87 - 120)
Chapter IV Gate Array Technology
Chapter V Reliability & Failure Countermeasure of LSI
Chapter VI A/D & D/A Conversion Technology

Transistor Technology magazine is a most popular electronics magazine for application engineers in Japan and is published monthly.
I authored two technical theses on the magazine.

Thesis with actual board and software design examples of µPD7220 GDCUpdated on

Thesis with actual board and BIOS examples of µPD7220A HGDCUpdated on


IEEE ISSCC (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - International Solid State Circuit Conference) 1981.  A speaker of Advanced Circuit Applications session, "A Single-chip Graphics Display ControllerUpdated on
".   NEC (Nippon Electric Corporation) µPD7220 GDC (Graphics Display Controller), which is one of my masterpieces, was introduced.
This product was developed by NEC under technology exchange contract signed between Intel and NEC in 1979.  Intel became one of second sourcers.
Various presentation related to computer graphics has been done by me at multiple seminars.  The title of this seminar is "Digital Image Processing Technology & the Realistic Application Technique Updated on
".  I took part in as an author and a lecturer of Graphics & Image Processing Processor LSI session.
I acted as a lecturer and mentor of thesis at NEC Core Technology Training titled "Computer Graphics" in 1984 & 1986.

Data Sheets

µPD7220A HGDCUpdated on
(Highspeed Graphics Display Controller)

µPD72120 AGDCUpdated on
(Advanced Graphics Display Controller)

µPD7220 GDC was selected as a Product of the Year by Electronic Products magazine.

µPD72120 AGDC was selected as one of Top 100 Products by Electronic Design magazine as well.
Full functional description of 82C455Updated on
(World's first flat panel / CRT VGA controller developed in 1988) & 82C456Updated on
(Enhanced flat panel / CRT VGA controller developed in 1989) is attached.  82C457 (Color flat panel / CRT VGA controller) was developed with color feature in 1990Updated on
as well.  These products were exhibited at Comdex Fall every year and obtained superb reputations.  They support various kind of LCD (Liquid Crystal Device), Plasma, and EL (Electro-Luminescence) flat panel interfaces.

Arun Johary, application engineer of Chips and Technologies, and I coauthored thesis concerning 82C455 published on Electronic Design magazine.
Excerpt of the functional specification of MPEG audio decoder (HD814102 : Hitachi version) is attached.  The original ASCII version product name is DA7190.
The original product was developed by GCA (Graphics Communications America), one of world-wide subsidiaries of ASCII Corporation located in Chicago, Illinois.  Due to financial constraint, ASCII terminated GCA and inherited the VLSI development at San Jose, CA.  The two products above were developed and manufactured in mass production.  The product was one of three working MPEG decoder LSIs in the world in early 1993.


µPD7220 GDC and µPD7220A HGDC were introduced on NEC Electron Devices.

My another masterpiece of µPD940 was introduced on NEC annual report of actual result.  I designed the entire architecture, logic, and mask layout using P channel metal gate E/D MOS.  The die size was 3.80mm x 3.78mm which was the world's smallest single-chip LSI for 8 digit desk-top calculator.

 Copyright List of Downloadable Files EmbeddedUpdated on

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